Therapy Animals of San Antonio

"Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing"

As someone who may have shared a special bond with a companion animal, you know how important that relationship is. You know what it means to have a friend that is loving, non-judgmental, and always there for you. You may even be aware of the medical benefits these animals bring in increasing longevity while improving overall health. You may be well aware of all the ways our companion animals benefit our lives, and the lives of others. But, unfortunately, there are many people that aren't aware of these things.

That's why our Therapy Teams and other volunteers give presentations to schools, philanthropic organizations and other community minded groups on behalf of Therapy Animals of San Antonio. With your assistance and financial support, we can do more than just educate the community, we can ensure that programs like ours are allowed to continue.

Contact us at  or call the Therapy Animals of San Antonio office at (210) 614-6734 and leave a message if you're interested in scheduling a presentation.

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