Therapy Animals of San Antonio

"Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing"

Here's how to become a therapy team.

We offer registration in 2 ways:  There are a few differences in the two.  You can get this information here on the new team information packet.  You can register:
  • With our local organization - Therapy Animals of San Antonio
  • With the national organization - Pet Partners

The steps to becoming a Therapy Team with our organization are:

  1. Read over the new team information packet and the core performance standards document to see if you think this would be a good fit for you and your animal.
  2. Call our phone line (210-614-6734) or e-mail to ask questions and have an application e-mailed to you.
  3. If you are not already a member, CLICK HERE TO JOIN our organization.
  4. If you are a current member already, complete number 5 below.
  5. E-mail your application and PAY YOUR CLASS FEE HERE or mail in your application along with the $20 class fee.

Therapy Animals of San Antonio does not train your animal for you.

Therapy Animals of San Antonio provides training for the human side of the team only.  You will attend an 8 hour class which teaches you about the history of Therapy Animals and focuses on training you in skills necessary for effective therapy visits with your animal.  The actual training for the animal to pass the test is your responsibility.  We do have members who are animal trainers and there is a list of links to other trainers in the area.  You can contact them directly for further information.

After you attend the above class you will be scheduled for a pre-evaluation screening.  You will be advised at this screening if there is anything that you need to work on with your animal.  If you pass the screening you will be scheduled within about two weeks for the evaluation.

We are always looking for new teams as there are many facilities that want teams and don't have them.  We hope that you decide on becoming a team with us.  It can be very rewarding!




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